Friday, February 20, 2009

White House Clearance

For the past two weeks according to high level administration officials all White House staff and interns have undergone multiple level internal investigations by the CIA and FBI headed by chief-of-staff Rahm Emanuel to prevent personal and sensitive information from leaving the White House. Some staff and interns have even been feed individualized misinformation to see if it turns up on the internet for identification.

President Obama has been quoted in an internal memo saying, "He will not be made to look like a fool, as planted loyal democrats in the White House did to former President George Bush". For weeks he has been visible upset that personal information is leaking out from the White House in contrast to his tight lipped campaign staff.

In response to the White House's comprehensive internal investigations I will be delaying my blog posts by a week or more in addition to internet counter-measures already taken.

The hunt for the moles is on.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Obama White House directive to staff:

Do not recognize or respond to questions about Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity by name. Past attempt on Jan. 26th, 2008 failed to marginalize talk radio opposition. The new plan is to ignore.

New York Post article

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Obama's bluff on day one

For the outside person standing in the frigid temperatures on the national mall for hours, or the millions watching around the country, President Obama’s inauguration seemed to be peaceful and a time for celebration. Government officials even incorrectly told the thousands of media personnel that event was completely safe and secure with nothing to worry about. But on the inside, an entirely different picture was painted weeks in advance.

Intelligence officials and local law enforcement weeks in advance received and learned about specific and creditable threats for a terrorist attack by foreign and domestic individuals on a massive scale against Obama and the millions in attendance. High level Secret Service agents in charge of presidential security even planned and recommended the Obama family not participate in the parade after being sworn in, and not have VP Biden at the inauguration. Many advisors and Secret Service officials were so concerned for Obama's safety numerous law enforcement officers, soldiers, federal officers, and intelligence agents were ordered to flood the area weeks in advance to disrupt all received threats.

President-elect Obama was presented a day before the inauguration the secret service plan to not have the President-elect participate in the parade or have his body double present instead, and not have Joe Biden at the inauguration. This was flatly rejected by Obama saying this was his day and no one will spoil it. And if they couldn't do their jobs, he would find someone who could, anyone could be replaced.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Executive Decision:

From executive decision by President Obama, all White House computer domain filters have been removed. Staff are now allowed to view any website they deem necessary to fulfill job requirements. Monitoring and logs will remain in place in case of any issues arising. This decision reverses action by former President Bush to block all pornographic and social networking websites.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

A smokey bruised ego

U.S. secret service agents have had a lot of work protecting President Obama not only from the numerous threats received daily, but also from his hot tempered wife. Michelle Obama is known in their "inner circle" to verbally abuse, spit, slap, or punch anyone who disagrees or challenges her. On several occasions during the campaign a detailed secret service agent had to physically restrain Michelle after becoming enraged and almost striking both her husband and daughters. Unfortunately, staffers are not afforded such protection and receive the majority of her abuse.

Nerves seem to be getting the best of President Obama and his long time crutch, cigarettes, are making a strong come back. One of the first renovations requested to be completed upon arrival of President Obama was a "smoke zapper" in the oval office so he could have his required smoke after meals, stress, or sex. He has even tasked his secretary to make sure at least two packs of his favorite brand, Marlboro lights, are stashed in the back of his left-hand desk drawer at all times.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Obama Family Secret

One of the deepest secrets of President Obama’s family is slowing coming to light from first-hand confessions and high level reliable resources the fact that Barack’s two girls Malia and Sasha may not be his biological daughters. He loves them both very much and only on a small occasion fears what the truth might be. The exact answer if he is or not the actually father of one or both is not known by Barack or Michelle for sure.

Michelle did admit to him in 2002 that she had an off-and-on sexual relationship with an enrolled student while she was an Associate Dean at the University of Chicago after feeling neglected and abandoned during his Illinois Senate career. And, that one reason for her career move to the University of Chicago Hospitals was to escape the temptations that may tear her marriage and family apart.

Talks between the couple have heightened after Barack was elected President to have the children tested to see if he is really the biological father of the two. The only reason why they have not done it before is fear that one or both is not his, but not knowing may also tear their lightly cohesive family apart.